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Unlock your potential! Start your journey with the membership tier that fits your needs. From unlimited Classes to individual packages, discover the fit that’s right for you.

Our signature sessions

Under the guidance of our esteemed UFC Gym-certified trainers, each 50-minute endeavour promises more than sweat; it promises transformation and gratification. With our dynamic workout designs and diverse equipment, stagnation is off the cards.


Dive deep into a session where power meets purpose. Using compact weights and activating every sinew, prepare to push beyond what you believed possible.


An elite offering for the truly devoted. With only six spots, immerse in an intense showcase of athletic prowess. Master the nuances of lifting, mentored by the industry’s best.


A tribute to swiftness and agility. Harnessing bodyweight, plyometrics, and a medley of tools, this is where your agility is sculpted to perfection.


Choreograph your strikes and defences in this class. Delve into the depths of boxing and kickboxing, sharpening every move until it shines.


A melange of boxing drills, body-centric routines, and cutting-edge equipment. Carve out the resilient fighter within.


A dedicated haven for martial arts enthusiasts.


Engross yourself in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s intricate dance, mastering technique after technique.


Polish your combat skills, from potent strikes to clinches, and assert yourself in Muay Thai’s demanding theatre.


Plunge into the multifaceted realm of Mixed Martial Arts, refining both your striking and grappling finesse.

Discover CLASS: Frontier of contemporary fitness

Step into a transformative fitness journey, where age-old traditions fuse with modern flair, power mingles with precision, and where each session shapes a newer, better you. ‘CLASS’ isn’t merely a title; it’s our ethos. Experience the raw pulse of classic boxing intertwined with the relentless pace of high-intensity interval drills.

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Effortless and streamlined, booking your CLASS is as easy as a click. Be it through your desktop or our user-friendly mobile app, we ensure your fitness schedule is always at your fingertips. No more excuses!

For everyone & anyone

CLASS is universal. Whether you’re just starting or an old hand, our sessions are tailored for all. Our trainers are committed to pushing you, but your well-being is paramount. Should you need modifications, we’ve got your back. For those new or expecting, consulting a medical professional is advised before diving into a new regimen.

Our Facilities.

Boxing bags

Open Weighted Gym

Cardio Zone

Changing Rooms

Sauna facilities

Cryotherapy machines

Frequently asked questions

How do you enhance workouts and track performance at your facility?

We work smarter, not harder. To take your workout to the next level, we have incorporated two pieces of tracking technology that keep your workouts honest and truly effective. Heart-rate monitors record your elevated heart rate, calories, and overall effort while punch trackers assess your hand movements to calculate the number, the velocity, and intensity of all your punches during BOX classes.

Can I bring a friend or family member with me to the gym?

Yes, however, only with certain membership. You can check out our memberships page in order to learn more.

Where can we park?

We encourage to commute in via train. However, should you need to park, please click this link to see nearby locations.